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Here’s the major problems with spraying perfume / cologne on your skin:
•  You’re putting unknown and most likely toxic chemicals directly onto your skin.
•  You’re wasting money.
•  It’s horrible for your sex life, and can hinder your chances of getting any.
•  It will give you an inconsistent smell, and can actually end up making you stink!

Learn How To Make The World’s Best Scent Diffusers Fast, Cheap, Easily,
with no special tools or skills! Such As:

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Dominate Social Success With Your Scent,
both in your personal and professional life…
Most of the time, you can’t smell yourself.  One way to demonstrate this is from your familiar environments.  For example, very often when you’ve been away from your home for a few weeks and then return, you’ll often notice a smell that’s been there all along but you just grew accustomed to it after a while so you never noticed it as you came home everyday.  But this is true way more so of your body, breath, and hair.  Think about this:  You’ve been smelling yourself every single day, all day and night since the day you were born.  You smell yourself more than anybody or anything.  So it’s virtually impossible for you to notice your own stench. Though you may have noticed a few times when you’ve stunk, such as when your underarms have stunk especially bad, or had garlic and noticed your own bad breath, (and therefore think that you can and always do notice when you smell bad) this is simply not the case.  You can NOT always notice when you noticeably stink by other human’s measures. 

Perhaps even more interestingly, sometimes we can’t smell others… or so we think!  Because the human CR (Conditioned Reflex) since birth has trained us to override to a certain extent, our reflexive response to human scents, we’re not always immeadiately or consciously aware of everyones scent around us, particularly those around us the most… sometimes we get a “gut feeling” about someone, which often has nothing to do with their mannerisms.  But could actually be their scent profile that we’re not immediately or consciously aware of, but we are in fact often detecting their scents!  And this has been proven by various governments, private businesses, organizations, and university studies in every major study ever conducted! (References below!)

We back up everything claimed herein on our: References, Resources, & Citations Page!
(Completely Unbiased and Unaffiliated References & Citations from governments, private corporations, universities, and associations!  Most of which were already published long before the Honey Hazard System was even conceived.)  Check it out!

The Honey Hazard scent protocols will make you an expert of smelling attractive, and save you tons of money by enhancing and prolonging your perfumes and colognes with the world’s most powerful scent diffusing technology.

The number one subliminal physical cue to attract or “deter” away a mate, lover, friend, or even a job offer if you are in person, is NOT how you look, but actually it’s how you smell!  And maybe you don’t know that you’re probably currently wasting a stupid amount of money on perfume or cologne that actually is probably making you stink after as little as just one hour after you put it on your skin by such mixing with your sweat and body oils… You see, the makers of cologne or perfume can’t control your unique chemistry as your body oils mix with such perfume or cologne.  That’s why no matter how expensive your fragrance is, it smells different on different people after as little as one hour.  But with the Honey Hazard personal diffuser system, you’ll have a consistent smell that lasts all day, and actually for several days and even up to three weeks on the same amount of cologne or perfume that you would have sprayed on your skin and washed off at the end of the day. Plus, the smell will be enhanced with the ultimate scent and refreshing catalyst… …Honey!  We’ve got a unique diffuser system that uses honey in a proprietary refreshing barrier in such a way that it is a scent diffusing catalyst.  But back to that later.  First let’s emphasize just how important smelling good is to your success both in your personal and professional life…

We all want to smell good obviously.  It’s important for our various relationships and could even effect your chances of getting a job or a promotion in your current job.  It effects your friendships, dating, and even your sex life (if you happen to get any that night to begin with).  So what do we do?  We put on cologne or perfume in hopes it helps attract the type of relationships we want.  But there’s several major problems with doing that, such as:
  • First of all, you’re putting unknown and most likely dangerous chemicals in your skin pores in the most absorbing method possible.
  • You’re wasting money by putting cologne or perfume on and then washing it off everyday (or however often you put it on, you still only got to use said amount once).
  • You’re going to have an inconsistent smell, and depending on various factors including but not limited to: your level of stress, sweat, and even what you had for breakfast, it could very easily in all actuality… MAKE YOU STINK!
  • If you do happen to get to 3rd base that night, your lover will probably end up licking your perfume or cologne on your skin (which, I mean… have you tasted perfume?  It’s designed to be smelled, not tasted).  It won’t help how your lover scores the sex he or she had with you.

Dangerous Chemicals You’re Putting On Your Skin Everyday:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) lists more than 20 COMMON perfume ingredients on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste  List.  Many of the chemicals are known to cause headaches, nausea, and various other complications and side effects.  Over 4,000 chemicals are used in today’s popular fragrances.  A whopping 95% are derived from petroleum and some are potentially hazardous.  Acetone for example , is known as a central nervous system depressant and known to cause nausea, dry mouth, and slurred speech.  And though methylene chloride was banned by the FDA in 1988, it’s still often found in fragrances due to lack of enforcement and from fragrances being shipped from other countries.

Commonly found chemicals in perfumes/colognes include but are not limited to:

  • acetone, ethanol, limonene, linalool, methylene chloride, formaldehyde, benzaldehyde, benzyl alcohol, camphor, ethyl acetate…

Seriously folks!  Get that stuff off of your skin, and control the amount you breath per day with the HH diffuser!  Yes, your scent is undeniably important, and you can still have it in a much safer manner, and even enhance it with the HH diffuser!

Are “natural” essential oils any safer?  Essential Oils can be extremely toxic.  And many are known to be toxic for anyone.  There’s actually entire books written about the toxicity of essential oils and how dangerous they can be!

Yes, they are in a sense safer, from the simple fact that you know what you’re putting on your skin.  And some can even be beneficial to the skin, but: No, they are not much if any safer for the most part as far as toxicity is concerned; especially when applied too often to the skin.  In addition, many people can have allergic reactions to such oils.  Though, we use essential oils in our simple perfume recipes… Heck, we even use perfume oils and other synthetics in our recipes…  But the preferred method of use is still through the HH diffusers.

Your Scent is Key to Opening Up New Social Relationships
AND… in helping to keep the relationships you currently have in good standing! 

Unfortunately, besides putting dangerous and unhealthy chemicals on your skin, you’re WASTING MONEY by putting cologne or perfume on everyday, and it not lasting but a few hours, and at maximum if you’re lucky the whole day… While you could use the same amount of perfume in the Honey Hazard diffuser, having it last several days or even weeks!  You’re also having an inconsistent and diminishing smell by the way your body chemistry blends with whatever fragrance you’re wearing.

But… If you buy a perfume making course,
you still won’t get the type of information found in this system.

There is nothing like this course anywhere else.

“Elegance is not possible without fragrance.”
–Coco Chanel

In the Honey Hazard course you will learn:

  • How to make the HH diffusers
  • Techniques for using the HH Diffusers
  • How to make perfumes with a special emphasis on making them particularly for the HH diffusers
  • Techniques for controlling body odor
  • Techniques for wearing perfume
    (for the few instances that you can’t use the HH diffuser)
  • ~ And much, much more!

A Special Note To The Dudes:  Listen guys! Ever hear that perfume is for women, and cologne is for men?  Well that’s wrong.  There is absolutely nothing more masculine or feminine about either perfume or cologne.  The only difference between them is the concentration of the fragrance.  Learn how to make your own masculine perfume in this course!

A Special Note To The Ladies:  You probably know a thing or two about perfume, including how to make your own; and that’s awesome!   In this course however, you will learn a simplified way to make them, and one that emphasizes how to make them for our amazing diffusers!

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